Becoming a Member

Those desiring to join the credit union must complete an original Membership Application, provide two forms of identification (one needs to be a photo ID) a U.S. Social Security Number and make a minimum deposit of $25.00 in a share (savings) account. In addition, new members must pay a one-time $5.00 non-refundable membership fee.  A pledge of $10.00 will be placed on a new account for the first 365 days the account is active and open.  If a new member closes his account before the 365 days, then the $15 pledge will be forfeited to the credit union as an early account closure fee.  Interested potential members may complete an online membership application as contact information purposes only.  A membership packet will be mailed to the address provided.  An account cannot be opened with an online application since we must receive the above requirements before opening an account.  Any loan application submitted at the same time will be processed once the account is opened.
State and Federal laws set forth requirements and standards for a credit union’s approved Field of Membership.

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