Buying a new car? new boat? new home? or recreational vehicle for retirement?

A perk of being a member of the credit union is that you will find traditionally low loan rates with us. We offer low-cost New and Used auto loans, home loans with low closing costs, miscellaneous loans and loans for RVs, boats, and motorcycles. We also offer personal signature loans and share secured loans.

You can use our online application for your convenience. Available 24/7 for when you’re up at 2:30 a.m. and can’t sleep thinking about that new car. Or if you find that perfect boat you’ve been looking for on a Saturday afternoon. We don’t want to slow you down with the restraints of office hours! Apply today, fax your income verification in and you’ll get an answer in no time!

NOTE: Your online application is a preliminary application. All loans require income verification for one month and your signature to finalize the loan application process. The original documents will be sent to you by mail for your signature then you may mail it back to Heritage Credit Union for consideration.

And now it’s easier than ever! We can take care of the whole loan process electronically, including wiring loan proceeds to your account.

New or Used Vehicle

When you’re shopping for a new or previously owned vehicle, don’t hesitate to call us for assistance in determining a fair value for the vehicle you’re looking at. We subscribe to a service from N.A.D.A., a widely respected source for vehicle values, and can give you reliable information to use in negotiating your best purchase price from the seller.

If you’re selling your own vehicle, we can help there too by providing its N.A.D.A. value to give you an idea of a reasonable asking price.

We can also post a notification here on the credit union bulletin board so that other members will know you have a vehicle to sell. Yet another perk to being a member of the credit union!

Another valuable vehicle buying information service…..
Are you concerned about the fuel economy of the vehicle you’re considering to purchase? With ever rising costs, you may want to estimate your probable cost of fuel and make an informed decision. The United States Department of Energy provides useful and interesting information at to help you determine if the cost of operating your intended vehicle purchase is affordable. This guide gives information for vehicles dating back to 1985 and includes not only fuel consumption but fuel saving tips and safety ratings.


Effective May 10, 2012 a $27.00 loan documentation fee will be applied when the loan is closed.

Real Estate and Home Mortgage Loans

Real Estate and Home Mortgage loan rates are determined weekly. Please contact the credit union and speak to a Loan Officer for current rates.

We make loans for the purchase of or refinancing of primary and secondary permanent residences. We also make loans for the purchase of vacant land intended for future home construction. We do not make construction loans or loans for property purchased for investment purposes.

We pride ourselves on being flexible in granting loans so, please, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your financing needs. We will listen with an open ear and make every effort to be of service to you

Signature Loans

Need a loan for micellaneous purchases or debt consolidation?

Personal (signature) loans and line of credit loans are the answer. With a personal signature loan, borrow up to $4,000 or 15% of your annual income (whichever is higher) for up to 48 months.

Lines of credit loans are also available and can be access whenever you need it. Use the money at your convenience without the hassle of applying every time you need cash. Certain restrictions apply.

Check out our great rates or click here for an application.

Effective May 10, 2012 a $27.00 loan documentation fee will be applied when loan is closed.

Shared Secured Loans

A Share Secured Loan is the lowest net interest loan available. While borrowing against your existing shares they continue to earn dividends while on deposit. As you make your scheduled payments the shares become available to you once again.

Click here for application

Recreational Loans

Recreational Loans are for the fun stuff like:

  • Boats
  • RVs
  • Personal watercrafts

We also offer Miscellaneous Loans for things like:

  • Mobile homes
  • Tractors
  • 4-wheelers
  • Lawnmowers
  • Utility trailers

Click here to apply.

Effective May 10, 2012 a $27.00 loan documentation fee will be applied when the loan is closed.

Credit Cards


Please note that Heritage Credit Union does not ever solicit members for personal information.

Heritage VISA Card

Classic – 11.9% APR
Platinum – 8.9% APR

Compare your current credit cards:
The same Fixed Rate applies to Purchases, Balance Transfers, and Cash Advances.
Our grace period is 25 days compared to some cards that are as few as 21 days! And No Annual Fee.

***Notice to Cardholders re: Transactions Involving Foreign Currencies***
Change to Foreign Transaction Currency Exchange Rate:
Effective April 1, 2005, the exchange rate for transactions in a foreign currency will be a rate selected by Visa from the range of rates available in wholesale currency markets for the applicable central processing date, which rate may vary from the rate Visa itself receives, or the government mandated rate in effect for the applicable central processing date plus the 1% International Service Assessement transaction fee (ISA).
Online Account Management Available You can pay your credit card bill and manage your account conveniently online. With the click of a mouse, you can view important information about your credit card account. Visit for account balances, available credit, current and past statements, and transactions since your last statement. You can even get spending reports to keep track of expenses.

If you already have a credit card, that’s okay. We welcome you to transfer the balance and begin to take advantage of our low, low rates now. Best of all, its the card that comes from the credit union you know and trust.

Click here to apply.

Visa Credit Card Rates
Visa Credit Card Rates APR* On Purchases APR* Cash Advance APR* Balance Transfer Grace Period Annual Fee
Classic Visa 11.90% 11.90% 11.90% 25 Days None
Platinum Visa 8.90% 8.90% 8.90% 25 Days None
Fees for both cards
Minimum finance charge None None
Transaction Fee for Purchases None None
Transaction fee for cash advances $2.00 $2.00
Balance Transfer fee $2.00 $2.00
Late payment fee $19.00 $19.00
Over the credit limit fee $19.00 $19.00
Other fees and charges for both cards New / replacement card
Documentation fee
Card recovery fee
Returned check fee
Report a lost or stolen card
Call the Visa Customer Assistance Center toll free:  (800) 847-2911
To better assist customer service, have the following information handy:
  1. Visa Card issued by Heritage Credit Union
  2. Card type (i.e. Visa Classic or Visa Platinum)
  3. Visa Card issued in the United States

If you know your full sixteen (16)-digit credit card number, provided the following information for a quicker cancellation of your lost/stolen credit card:

  1. Full sixteen (16)-digit credit card number of the card that is missing
  2. Exact cardholders name printed on the card
  3. Billing Address-where the credit card bill is sent each month
  4. Home phone number
  5. Circumstances of the loss or theft
  6. Identification verification information-social security number, date of birth, or mother’s maiden name.

If your card is lost/stolen outside the United States, visit for a toll free number to report the lost/stolen card.