New or Used Vehicle

When you’re shopping for a new or previously owned vehicle, don’t hesitate to call us for assistance in determining a fair value for the vehicle you’re looking at. We subscribe to a service from N.A.D.A., a widely respected source for vehicle values, and can give you reliable information to use in negotiating your best purchase price from the seller.

If you’re selling your own vehicle, we can help there too by providing its N.A.D.A. value to give you an idea of a reasonable asking price.

We can also post a notification here on the credit union bulletin board so that other members will know you have a vehicle to sell. Yet another perk to being a member of the credit union!

Another valuable vehicle buying information service…..
Are you concerned about the fuel economy of the vehicle you’re considering to purchase? With ever rising costs, you may want to esitmate your probable cost of fuel and make an informed decision. The United States Department of Energy provides useful and interesting information at to help you determine if the cost of operating your intended vehicle purchase is affordable. This guide gives information for vehicles dating back to 1985 and includes not only fuel consumption but fuel saving tips and safety ratings.

Please go to the homepage and click on Applications to fill out a vehicle loan application.

Effective May 10, 2012 a $27.00 loan documentation fee will be applied when the loan is closed.